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Keeping Children Safe: Top 6 Tips for Operating Window Treatments

At Cornerstone Custom Blinds we believe in the safety of all our clients when operating any type of Window Treatment, especially when it comes to children. Homes that have children and /or pets need to read the following.

Here are safety tips to remember:

1. If installing Corded window treatments, it is recommended to have what is called a Cord Cleat. These can be installed either into the wall or the window frame where the excess cord can be wrapped around the cleats to prevent it from dangling keeping the cord out of reach to any curious child (or even a pet).

2. Make sure to pull away all furniture that can be climbed; this includes beds, cribs, and more, where windows can be accessed.

3. Window Covering cords should be out of reach to children, if not by cord cleats, then by making sure the cords are tucked up inside at the top of the blinds.

Or cords should be kept short as functionally possible, and any continuous loop pull cords like those on vertical blinds and cellular shades need to be anchored to the wall or the floor (such as using the Cord Cleats).

4. According to the WCSC (Window Covering Safety Council) a study showed that many Americans are still not aware of the limiting of movement of cords can be done between the slats of blinds by installing cord stops. These can be adjusted so they have limited movement. Parents accordingly are not aware that loose inner cords on window blinds and shades can also be pulled by a child, where he or she can fit their small head between them causing a sudden tragedy.

5. Recommended Cordless options:

· Cellular shades (Cordless Top Down Bottom Up),

· Roller & Solar Shades (Uncluttered appearance, no visible cords, safe in nurseries, children’s rooms, and play areas)

· Roman shades (in Flat style & Hobbled style, a Top Down Bottom Up style),

· Bamboo Shades (Easy to maneuver up & down, can be cordless; Woven Wood Shades),

· Faux Wood Blinds ( operates easily, no lift cords, raise and lower blinds by pushing and pulling on the bottom rail; using the wand to tilt open & close the slats)

· Mini Blinds (Clean & uncluttered appearance with no lifting cords or tilting wand, has control handle feature on the bottom rail for easy operation).

The above website gives details to the importance of having knowledge when choosing the right window treatments for your home, considering children.


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